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La conception / traduction de cette page est toujours en cours.

Cette page est une liste de bibliothèques de fonctions crées par les utilisateurs d'AutoIt (UDF). Ces bibliothèques ont été écrites pour permettre une intégration facile dans vos scripts et sont une ressource très précieuse pour tout programmeur.

Liens vers d'autres listes regroupant diverses ressources (UDF, exemples, outils...) :


  • Java UDF - Creates an access bridge between your application and a Java application. Allowing you to automate some Java applications.
  • SAP - SAP business management automation.
  • PDFCreator - Automation of PDFCreator allows you to create and manipulate PDF files.
  • WiFi - Low level control over your wireless LAN
  • Active Directory - Extensive library to control and manipulate the Windows active directory. Link to the documentation pages.
  • Windows Events - Create your own Windows events.


  • Internet Explorer - Everything about Internet explorer can be automated with the IE library supplied with a standard AutoIt install.
  • FireFox - A little less support for automation than IE, but still very good.
  • Opera - The same as above for Opera. Automate the most common tasks in Opera with the Opera UDF.

Microsoft Office Automation


Information gathering

Databases and web connections

  • FTP - A FTP library is now included with the AutoIt libraries.
  • SQLite - ?SQLite is a library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine?
  • XML DOM Wrapper - Supports CRUD operations on XML. Including XSL and XPath.
  • MySQL - MySQL relational database management system UDF.

Internet protocol suite

  • HTTP - For creating GET and POST requests and submitting them conforming standards.
  • POP3 - POP3 library for retrieving email messages. Not compatible with Gmail because it uses SSL.
  • POP3 SSL - A POP3 library that's compatible with Gmail. It uses an external executable that must be supplied with your script.
  • IRC - A lightweight library for communicating with IRC servers.

Data compression

  • zip - Create ZIP files and unpack ZIP files.
  • 7z, zip, gzip, bzip2, tar - More extensive library than the one above. Uses a external DLL that must be provided with the script.

Encryption and hash



  • BASS Function Library - Sound and Music via wrappers for Bass, BassEnc, Bass FX, BassSFX, BassAsio and BassCd DLLs

3D graphics

  • IrrLicht - A 3D graphics engine suitable for creating games.
  • au3Irrlicht2 - Another UDF bringing Irrlicht and au3 together. Historically some kind of a follower of the UDF above, technically with a complete different approach.

GUI Additions

  • XSkin - A large library that allows skinning of your GUI and to apply custom skins.
  • Modern tray menu - Allows the creation of modern, fancy GUI and tray menus with icons.
  • SetOnEvent - Provides an easy way for an event to call functions with parameters.
  • GUIFrame - Divide a GUI into adjustable frames.
  • Easy Scrollbars - Easily create scrollable sections in your GUI
  • GUICtrlOnChangeRegister - Call a function when an edits content is changed.
  • ContextHelp.au3 - Management of context help (original)
  • GUIExtender - Expand and contract sections of your GUI
  • ExtMsgBox - A very customisable replacement for MsgBox
  • Toast - Small message GUIs which pop out of the Systray



  • Primes UDF - Many functions dealing with prime number generation and calculations.
  • Big number UDF - Make calculations with extremely large numbers that AutoIt normally is not able to support.
  • Number base conversion - From, to and between positive bases less than 63 (decimals supported)
  • Decimal To fraction - Converts any decimal number to a fraction. Example: 1.2 to 6/5
  • Trigonometry math functions - _ATan2(), _Cosh(), _Frexp(), _Hypot(), _Ldexp(), _Logb(), _Sinh(), _Tanh()
  • Polynomials - Functions for using polynomials.
  • NumToWord - Convert numerals to a human readable string.
  • Root function - Working out real roots of numbers.
  • Advanced rounding - Support for different measures of accuracy and 8 ways to resolve tie breaks.


  • Hotkey.au3 - Management of Hotkeys UDF, with several advantages over HotkeySet().
  • Animated tray icons - Make animated tray icons easily.
  • NoFocusLines - Remove the dotted focus lines from buttons, sliders, radios and checkboxes which spoil the look of your GUI
  • StringSize - Automatically size controls to fit the text you want to put in them